Who Is May-Ann Schuler?

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Who Is May-Ann Schuler

Before starting away with the article, let’s talk about the author first. Mary-Ann Schuler is a child psychologist. She has over 20 years of experience in child psychology and has been a mother recently.

With her experience, she has been trying to help other parents in tackling their child. She has written Baby Sleep Miracle book on how to regulate and monitor your baby’s sleep pattern.

You can easily apply these patterns to your baby and get amazing results. Just by keeping tabs of the action of your baby-related to their sleep, you can understand their sleeping pattern.

Mary-Ann Schuler has recently become a mother, and she has for you the right solution to regulate your baby’s sleep pattern, which will help you relax as well. 

Her Research and Discoveries

One of her most popular discoveries was getting to know how to make baby sleep. This is a legendary milestone. Because almost all the parents in the world are disturbed by the sleeping pattern of their baby, and it takes them months to find out a way to make their baby fall asleep. This ruptures the sleep routine of the parents, which results in physical problems.

However, now you can make your baby sleep by following these easy steps written in her book. It might take you long to understand the sleeping pattern of your baby.

She has been providing families with useful remedies and helping them by making them learn a way to make their baby sleep. She also talked about what you should do and what you should not with a baby. 

She has also researched what develops a child’s mind. What can make a child happy or sad? She has studied a lot on this topic. She has learned how you can make a child feel positive.

There are other misconceptions about babies that she has cleared. She has observed babies after babies that have helped her to understand the psychology of babies.

She has also researched what affects leaving a crying child alone can affect the child. She says that every baby is unique; the development phase for every child is different. She has researched the psychology of kids of varying age groups.

Through her research, she has stated what is right and what is bad for a child’s mental health. You can go through the website she has to know more about the work of this amazing woman. Who has made it easy for a lot of parents to tackle the sleep routine of their child?

Result of Her Research

One of the main topics of her research was how to make a baby fall asleep or regulate the sleep routine of a baby.

She has gone through much analysis and stated the fact that all kids are different. They need to be treated differently. How you make two months old baby sleep and how you make a one-year-old baby sleep is entirely different.

Not just age but every other baby is unique and should be treated likewise. You need to understand the need of your baby.

Many people ask whether it is okay to leave the child crying on his or her own until he or she falls asleep, but Mary-Ann Schuler has found out that this can be destructive for a baby. This can make a baby feel he or she is being neglected or ignored.

People can learn slowly how they can make their baby sleep or regulate the sleep routine of their baby. This is an issue that is faced by almost all the parents around the world.

It affects the health of the parents as well. Thus it is a revolutionary discovery in parenting.

She has also talked about how it is essential to be positive around the baby. They can sense the positivity.

This is important; you have to happy or at least positive when you are making them learn. If you are not positive while you are making them learn, they will not learn from you.

All children need affection, so you should not neglect them and make them feel loved. They do not need to cry out to sleep.

The Specifics of Her EBook – Baby Sleep Miracle

Mary-Ann has been studying and practicing child psychology for 20 years now. She has learned about the child’s behavior and also worked on the development of a child.

But. In her book, she has talked explicitly about what are the ways you can make your child fall asleep.

She has also talked about how you can make stop whining, and has researched and wrote about how you can regulate the sleep pattern of your baby. 

She has specified how it is essential to make the baby feel loved and important. If you let the baby cry until the baby falls asleep, then it can affect the mental health of the baby severely.

This leaves a trace on their mind that their caregiver is ignorant. So, you have to be very clear about your actions around them.

You need to be positive around them; this helps the baby stay positive. This will also help them learn things from you. If you do not stay positive around the baby, he or she will not learn anything from you.

There is also a magic step to make the baby sleep fast, which has only been revealed in the book.

You can go ahead and buy the book to get to know how you can make your baby fall asleep and also get yourself a goodnight sleep. Because you need to stay fit as well.


If you are wondering how you should regulate the sleep pattern of your child, then this book is for you. You can get to know about the sleep pattern of your child and learn how you can make them fall asleep. This may take patience, but it is worth it. This will help you get rid of a sleepless night with amazing bounces.

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