The Military Diet – Smartest Method to Lose Weight in Just 3 Days

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The Military diet is considered as one of the smarted ways to lose upto 10 pounds of body fat in a week. The user even need not do hard and strenuous exercises and could still lose the required amounts of fat. The 3-day Military Diet is probably cheaper than most other diets.

The contents of this 3-day diet plan are made to improve the metabolism, burn fat, and finally lose weight in a very less amount of time. This diet is considered to be one of the best natural weight loss diets that can be consumed without a prescription to lose enormous amounts of weight.

The 3-day diet is beneficial for those who want to see themselves in perfect shape. The 3-day military diet is composed of low calorie and chemically compatible foods that can mix together and make the user lose an enormous quantity of fat.

The diet is to be followed only three days a week, and the rest four days, the user can return to his original menu. Thereby, it doesn’t slow down the metabolic rates. For this diet to work precisely, the user must follow the instructions thoroughly and whole-heartedly. It is not for those who cannot cut their food intake and aren’t serious about losing some weight.

It makes a user lose about 10 pounds of body weight in a week and so requires a lot of sacrifice from him. It is suitable for situations that require quick and fast action. For example, if the user has a wedding function and wants to fit back into his wedding suit or he wants to lay a good impression on his ex who is coming to visit after a long time.

The military diet is a sure way of getting rid of massive amounts of body fat, and yes, the user can lose at least 30 pounds in a month. It’s not like the other expensive diet plans that falsely claim of ridding the body fat in a quick time.

All that it says is very true and is sure to work every time on everybody. It is our sincere advice to all users that they do not spend more of their hard-earned money on useless dieting Plans. It is sure to work and is free of charge.

The originality of the 3-day diet is not known. Some people even believe that the military diet was pretty common in the 1980s, and it was transferred from one person to another. The 3-day diet is known by many names such as Army diet, Navy Diet, Fax diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet, and many others.

But, the most common term used to denote such a diet is the 3-day diet. No one or no organization has until now claimed responsibility for creating the 3-day diet plan. Even the organizations that recommend this plan, such as the British Heart Foundation or Cleveland Clinic, do not claim to have manufactured the 3-day diet plan.

Unique Features of the 3-day Military Diet Plan

  • Many salient features bring success to weight loss. Giving it a try is worth as the meal plan is fully prescribed for the three consecutive days. It also ensures that you can intake the substitutes for the meal.
  •  The diet plan is certified by the experts of the industry. Many positive results are contributed by just adapting to the 3-day military diet plan.
  •  Military diet plan never deprived of food or initialize starvation as the scheduled plan. It gives you a complete filling meal three times a day. It works on the calorie counts, which enables you to dedicate yourself, avoiding the restricted foods.
  •  Fruits, water, coffee, tea, and ice creams are part of the planned diets. It creates excitement and interest in following the meal plan.
  •  It evades artificial sweeteners, which can be very much harmful to your health if added to your diet.
  •  There are no unnecessary expenses on the weight loss supplement or pills
  •  You start losing your weight most naturally and healthily. The results are guaranteed.
  • You will never have to search for recipes as they are fully promoted with the plan, which makes your life easy and quick in following the meal plan.
  • The meal plan is incredible, fast, and easy and result oriented too.
  • The results are instant, and the course duration is short and compact with the excellent meal plan.
  • No strenuous exercises are included in the meal plan. Just a restricted diet for three days, which you will have to adapt.

The Benefits of the 3-day Military Diet Plan

> The 3-day military plan is embedded with distinctive benefits that can initiate you from following the meal or the diet plan completely.

> You can commence the plan during your off days, which is quite convenient to coordinate with the daily routines.

> No weight loss plan guarantees your result within such a short span and duration. The completely charted and planned meal is prescribed for the quick following.

> The fourth day after the diet plan, you continue with the regular diet and the exercises which you are following. So there is no need for the continuous diet that has to be abided.

Military Diet Plan Menu

The most commonly available 3-day diet plan on the Internet includes consuming a massive quantity of tuna every day, along with a decent amount of veggies and vanilla ice-cream in the evening. Military diet menu plans are accomplished based on the chemical breakdown of foods through particular combinations.

So it is always good to follow the planned and dedicated meal plan. The 3-days military diet plan guarantees you with a weight loss of 10 pounds in a week and 30 pounds in a month. The certified program is quite impressive, and your target is achieved without any hassle with just the initial week itself. These meal plans are so flexible that you can adjust with the substitutes of the food prescribed on the menu.

A strict menu should be patterned when you plan to join this program. The calories are counted and well calculated. To attain the benefits, one should strictly consume the prescribed meal and should not eat anything more.

It alters the calories, and you will be visible with the results when you move on to day 2 and 3. The course planned is filling, and water should be drunk at regular intervals.

Day-1 Military Diet Plan

Day 1 – Breakfast
Starting your prescribed menu for the military diet, day 1 gives you excitement and a clear- cut fulfillment of the food that you intake. It is real because your target of weight reduction is going to be achieved with simple methods and steps.

* A ½ cup of grapefruit, which contains an approximate of 52 calories, would be the first menu to start with your excellent promises of weight loss.

* The morning menu takes a full shape with the single slice of toasts, which has a 67 calorie in content.

* The yummy peanut butter of two tablespoons, which has a calorie of 188, is also a part of the delicate menu.

* The nutritious morning menu can be concluded with a coffee or a tea. Never forget to consume ample water at regular intervals. The extremely low-calorie diet is natural, filling, and is complete as well.

Day 1 – Lunch
Following a patterned and effectuate lunch is also essential for achieving your target of losing weight with the simple and considerable duration. Your gracious lunch begins in the following manner:

* A ½ cup of tuna, which is 89 calories, is a part of your lunch meal. It gives you ample energy and fills your diet with the significant part.

* A single sliced toast of 67 calories is included as well.

* It is mandatory to use the caffeinated coffee or tea at the end of the defined lunch meal.

Day 1 – Dinner
An elaborate but still confined and delicious meal is part of your dinner.

* You can catch-up with the favorite meat of 200 calories or 3 oz. Steak or chicken would be appreciated if added to your meal.

* Vegetables are, of course, great when added to your meal. They take care of your health, and the diet would be pleasant too. It includes ½ cup of green beans, which is 34 calories.

* The long prescribed menu ½ cup of banana added to it. It nourishes you with 53 calories.

* ‘An apple a day keeps doctors away’ is followed as a part of your dinner meal. One small apple will be good to go with. It is approximately 55 in calories.

* The lengthy and the kingly delicious dinner meal do not end there. To spice up the whole dinner, one can have one cup of vanilla ice cream, which is 289 in calories.

Day-2 Military Diet Plan

Day 2 – Breakfast
Beginning with the morning meal or breakfast makes everyone excited. The wheat bread toast with the scrambled egg, half banana, Starbuck’s blended coffee combined with Naturals Stevia packets and buckets of ice water. Water is never restricted in this diet, and it can be consumed in gallons.

Day 2 – Lunch
No mid diet is scheduled. Once over with breakfast, you have to move with the lunchtime. The lunch meals are a bit heavy and caring too.

You can serve yourself with a cup of cottage cheese, a whole boiled egg, and wheat saltine crackers and of course, a glass of water to digest your heavy meal.

Day 2 – Dinner
When I referred to the supper menu, I remember the proverb “Feast like a king on your supper.” The military diet plan program is what it exactly serves you.

Mastered with high-end diets and strong recipes for healthy body, mind, and soul, the supper menu consists of kosher beef hot dogs, steamed cup of Broccoli one cup, raw baby carrots which take up a quantity of half a cup and big glass of water for proper digestion and comforts.

Many healthy diet programs restrict you with desserts, but the Military diet plan entertains you with one. With handsome recipes for desserts, one can choose the right quantity of fruit contained desserts with ice creams.

The sweet treat is essential with ½ cup of all the natural qualities of vanilla bean ice creams and equally half sliced banana to dip your tongue.

The most attractive part of the Military diet plan program is that any quantity of water can be drunk to satisfy your thirst or hunger. It advocates the right amount of healthy digestion and body purification process.

The unique methods of introducing a heavy diet and ending it with desserts make the body run for easy digestion and increases metabolism too. The diet plan is, of course, exciting and caring, which ensures that your body stays healthy and fit always.

Day 3 – Military Diet Plan

After completing your successful two days of the diet plan, you can slightly notice the changes in your body. The elegant and straightforward diet plan can be followed only three days a week. The calorie charted for the third day is 1000.

For getting the best results, one should abide by the prescribed meals for each day. Never entertain yourself with more or even less than what is said. Water being the part of the diet plan should never be avoided in any instances.

Drinking the right amount of water can help you in your weight loss and easy digestion. The program diet plan is suggested for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 3 – Breakfast
> One small apple which has 55 calories

> Five saltine crackers which count 64 calories

> A sliced cheddar cheese which has 113 calories

The light yet filling breakfasts is surely stomach filling, and one should include the same for their 3-day diet menu.

Day 3 – Lunch
The lunch for the third day is a bit mysterious, as no salt or other additives are included with the egg. The menu is decent and very compact that it is good to follow if you wish to attain your target of losing weight.

> One hard-boiled egg or the scrambled egg (no salt or additives). The calorie count is 78.

> A single slice of toast, which has 67 calories.

Day 3 – Dinner
The dinner is delightful and of course, a light one. Make sure you include the following:

> One cup of tuna which gives calories of 179

> Half banana which counts 53 calories

> One cup of vanilla ice cream which counts for 289 calories

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to drink as much water as possible during the 3-day diet. Water is a crucial part of this diet plan. Users should try to take as much as 2 liters of water in a day.

3-Day Military Diet Plan Food Substitutes

The military diet plan is just wonderful as it even works with substituted foods. The meal program generally deals with the chemical combination of the food you intake. So this mainly depends on the calories. An eliminated food has to be substituted with the same amount of calories. The substitutions are as follows:

> Grapefruit is replaced with the baking soda ½ teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it. Fruits like orange can also be substituted for the same.

> The peanut butter substitutes with bean dip, pumpkin butter, sunflower seed butter, soy butter, hummus or almond butter. The sunflower seed also does wonder

> Whole grain cereal is substituted with Bread toast, ½ high protein bar, 1/4th cup of yogurt, flax seeds, and you well use tortilla rice cakes.

> Coffee or tea is substituted with sugar-free Red Bull caffeine, Green tea, no artificial sweetness is advised for the diet.

> Tuna is substituted with sushi-grade tuna grilled, cottage cheese, chicken, tofu, almonds, or peanuts. Any lean meat is optional. Fish is said to be a good one or the most preferred.

> Green Bean substitute is very nice as any green vegetables can be included. Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, to name a few, can be compromised. Cauliflower is a substitute for Broccoli.

> Meat can be substituted with the lentils or beans if you prefer. Others include portobello mushrooms and tofu.

> Banana substitutes are papaya, kiwis, and apricots. Other fruits include plums, grapes, and apple sauce, which also work wonderfully.

> Carrot substitutes include Squash, parsnip, beets, celery, and bell pepper.

> Cheddar cheese substitute is cottage cheese, eggs, soy milk, cabbage, and tofu.

> Hot dog substitutes can be tofu dogs, turkey dogs, soy dogs, bratwurst, luncheon meat, deli meat, to name a few.

> The egg can be substituted with nuts, two sliced bacon, a chicken wing, ¼ cup of seeds.

> Apple can be substituted with plums, peaches, grapes, Zucchini, dried apricots, to name a few.

> Cottage cheese is substituted with ricotta cheese, Greek Yogurt, eggs, or ham or cheddar cheese. Tofu is also an option.

> Vanilla ice cream is replaced with a cup of fruit-flavored yogurt or apple juice. Strawberry, banana, or you can choose vanilla-flavored almond milk are great options.

> Saltine crackers are substituted with rice cakes.

Military Diet Recipe

The certified meal plan is appreciated by the experts in the industry, as well. The recipes of the meal or the diet plan are prescribed. You have to compromise with the meal. The 3-day military diet plan guarantees you a weight loss of 10 pounds within a week. If you follow the diet for a month, the weight loss is 30 pounds.

There is no chance of adding artificial sweeteners. Water can be had in plenty. The exciting part of the 3-day diet is that you do not have to compromise on ice creams and fruits. Starvation or depriving you of food is never a plan of the diet.

Eat naturally and stay healthy is the patronized method of the 3-day military diet plan. The calories counted for the food you eat. The meal works based on the calorie count. The food substitutes are also available for this mass program.

> Breakfasts Recipes

* Choose one menu per day

* Yogurt Parfait, which has one cup of plain yogurt layered with one cup mixed berries. Granola ¼ cup and one tablespoon of sliced almonds.

* The cheerful morning which includes a cup of milk, sliced banana one in number and one cup cheerios. Orange can also be included.

* One scrambled egg and one teaspoon of butter on a slice of whole-grain toast with tomato slices and ¼ cup avocado sliced.

* Bagel and Lox, which consists of ½ whole wheat bagel topped with one tablespoon cream cheese and 1 oz smoked salmon. Also, add a thin slice of tomato, cucumber, and red onion slices.

* Cinnamon Oatmeal, which includes 1/3 cup of rolled oats cooked with 2/3 cup of milk and ½ cup of chopped apples. Sprinkle it with two tablespoons of walnuts and cinnamon.

* Walnut waffles and Berries consist of 2 whole-grain waffles topped with the ¼ cup of strawberries and ¼ blueberries and seven walnuts.

* Florentine egg and English muffin are prepared with two scrambled eggs and one cup of fresh spinach and the top on including whole wheat toasted English muffins.

* Pear and Almond Butter toast consists of whole wheat bread toasted just with one tablespoon almond butter and one pear slice.

* Banana and honey smoothie is prepared by blending one cup of plain soy milk, one banana, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons, two tablespoon oatmeal, and one spoon of flax seeds.

* One can also have two lean sausages and one soft boiled egg with kiwi fruit for the breakfasts. A 2 egg Omelette with cheddar cheese is, of course, an excellent option.

> Lunch Recipes

* Choose one menu per day

* Tuna walnut greens are prepared with the spring green, which is a toss of 2 cups, tuna of 3 ounces, walnuts of 3 tablespoons, one cup of grape tomatoes which is cut into half. Toppings included balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

* Turkey, pear, and Swiss sandwich which consists of the ingredients of 2 slice of whole-grain bread with of Dijon mustard one teaspoon, five slices of turkey, a pear sliced and lovely single sliced swiss cheese.

* The vegetarian Quesadilla is nutritious and an excellent option. One whole-wheat tortilla stuffed with 1/3 cup of shredded cheddar, ¼ cup of bland beans, ¼ cup each sliced peppers and mushrooms. The one teaspoon olive in which the contents are sauteed. Serve them with ¼ avocado sliced.

* Protein salad ingredients are prepared with never a loss of proteins. Toss 2 cups of lettuce and one cup of chopped raw vegetables. One hard-boiled egg with 2 tablespoons of raisins and two teaspoons of almonds. The dressing is done balsamic.

> Dinner Recipes

* Choose one menu per day

* BBQ Black Bean Burger and Slaw: This can be prepared with the cooked one black bean burger with one tablespoon BBQ sauce served with wheat bun, and you can eat the slaw with the burger or on the sides mixed with of shredded cabbage 1.5 cups, Broccoli or cauliflower, and carrots. One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil.

* Shrimp and Zucchini Pasta this includes the ingredients of cooked 2 ounces of frozen or fresh shrimp with one clover of garlic, one cup of chopped Zucchini, two tablespoons of chopped fresh basil and one tablespoon of olive oil. Serve it along with wheat pasta noodles of your options.

* Tortilla and cheese chili diet menu included warm vegetarian chili topped 1.5 cups with chopped scallions two tablespoons, tortilla chips eight broken, shredded cheddar of 2 tablespoons as well. One can eat with a slide salad and 2 cups of mixed greens and one tablespoon of Italian salad dressing.

* Florentine Goat Cheese Flat Bread The ingredients are sautéed in chicken measured as 4 ounces, baby spinach 3 cups, olive oil of 2 teaspoons, and one garlic clove. Put all this on a whole-grain wheat Flat Bread and top it with one goat cheese. Bake it at 350 degrees for 5 minutes, and your dish is ready.

* Cheese and Artichoke Pizza with a side salad: This satisfying dish is prepared with whole grain flatbread with three tablespoons of spaghetti sauce, ½ cup of canned artichoke hearts, two tables spoon of parmesan cheese, ¼ cup of mozzarella and bake the content for not less than 10 minutes. The side salad included mixed greens, two tablespoons of pine nuts, and two tablespoons of Italian salad dressing.

Does The Military Diet Work?

Military diet was originally made by expert nutritionists in the US army to keep their soldiers in perfect shapes. However, this is not the only reason why it works. These are some other main reasons why this Diet Plan is very effective and can be followed by all who need to lose weight very fast.

  1. The military diet is much low on calories – It gives a user only One Thousand calories in a day and allows only to consume many low calories than he burns. In this way, there is very little chance that a person does not burn calories.
  2.  It is the second form of Sporadic fasting – If a user is taking less than One Thousand calories in a day, then he is fasting. And unlike the general misconception, fasting is a healthy and a more beneficial way of shedding weight naturally. Fasting also does not make the metabolism decrease. Fasting improves the metabolism of a person if it is done properly.
  3. The foods involved in the diet enhance the fat burning mechanism – Caffeine that is found in coffee raises the metabolism levels and helps to lose weight. Grapefruit is also an excellent fat burner that is also found in this diet plan. Some other useful foods such as peanut butter, tuna, and some other meats are involved in this diet that requires more energy from the body to digest and thus burn more fat. The cottage cheese and ice-cream that is also included in the plan are an excellent source of calcium and help the cells burn more fat. Apples are a great source of pectin that limits the amount of fat that can be absorbed inside the cells. Veggies in the diet are in good quantities and are low on calories and carbs are included in minimum proportions.

Military diet Benefits:

Since this diet plan is a three day on and four days off plan; thereby, there are many advantages associated with this military diet plan. These are some of them:

  • This plan provides very few calories to the user per day and is a severe form of dieting. Thus, it makes the user lose enormous quantities of fat per week.
  • It doesn’t make any significant changes to the food patterns of the user and does not even require hard physical activity. The fat that would be reduced from the body would be in the form of lost water.
  • All the diets prescribed by a military diet are easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time to eat as well.
  • The ingredients of the diet are easily available and are not expensive at all.
  • The foods in the diet are sufficient in nutrition and do not require calorie counting or supplements.

Military diet Cons:

The military diet regime is a quick but extremely difficult diet plan to follow. Some of the other disadvantages of this diet plan are as given below:

  • The 3-day diet plan does not even provide the minimum calories (1200 for women and 1800 for men) required as prescribed.
  • The 3-day diet plan is so tough and strict to the user that if followed for a long time, it may lead to organ damage and significantly weaken the immune system.
  • This diet plan is not a usual way of losing body fat as it does not require any exercising or even give a steady diet to the user.

The focal point of the 3-day military diet plan is that it is offered at free of cost. The diet plan excites you with a strict diet for just three days a week. The weight reduction is only through diet control with simple prescribed foods. Anyone can give it a try with the full investment of mind and soul for their gains.

Planned Military Diet Features:

* The Military diet program is a free one. It costs you nothing but a reduced weight loss within a short span of time- Amazingly just through 3 days diet plan.

* The features of the Military diet plan are fantastically excellent with no inclusion of the secret ingredients in your daily meal. It is neither starving nor depriving your body of regular nutrition.

* It is mandatory for one to stick on to the diet for the complete results. The promise is not fake, and you may lose up to 10 pounds per week.

* The products are easily available in the market as they can be purchased from your regular grocery shop.

* The weight is lost within a short period and the results are instant too. One can consume 1000 calories per day with just three days a week.

* The military diet plan is intermittent in character, which increases your metabolic rate. It advocates the body to burn the fats.

* It motivates crash dieters, as sticking to the military diet plan makes their target more comfortable to achieve.

* The Military Diet allows you to eat Vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream every day. The high-end nutritious foods are added as a part of the diet.

* Drinking plenty of water is very much important as a part of the diet plan. Coffee and tea are also well added.

* Fruit desserts are very much included as the diet is planned with full fiber and nutritious

* The simple and elegant method of eating when you add it in your part of life just for three days you will be losing unexceptional weight loss. It is a wonderful diet plan for overeaters and binge eaters.

* A clear-cut schedule is given, which are strict to be followed. One can incorporate the salt, sugar, and wheat bread as well.

Facts Regarding Military Diet Plan

* It is really interesting to know the facts that lie behind the success of the diet plan. The plan entertains you with healthier diet and drinking water for digestion purpose. This would flush out the excess water from your body. This brings a slight change in the drop of the fat.

* When you consume a low-calorie diet, it works on your fat for reduction and the body will not contain unwanted water.

* The calories calculated for the average woman is 2000. It does not aggregate weight gain. Adopting the military diet plan, one need not follow it for eternity. The loss of 10 pounds will be never be gained, provided you do not overeat more calories than you cut off from your body.

* Maintaining the margin of 2000 calorie day or even less can help you with slim and neat body figure. Typically dieting supports depriving or starving, but the military diet does not switch to that mode.

* It is quite normal that you might feel hungry when following the military diet. In spite of all this, the results are guaranteed. The quantity intake is meager when you are overweight. Being a reboot to the body, a military diet plan is recommended for everyone.

* Moderately inexpensive and readily available products, one can make it work if you give it a try. The easy to lose weight diet plan evades the usage of artificial sweeteners too. Herbal teas and caffeine contained coffees are part of the diet.

* With simple planned diet tricks, the Military diet plan is widely accepted and acknowledged for its quick and instant results.

Military diet Results:

The military diet plan gives you the prescribed “yes result” if you follow it sincerely. The diet plans are well revised and designed to meet your needs so you can own an extremely healthy and fit body which anyone would appreciate.

You can be guaranteed of the working of the military diet plan because it is scheduled on three important factors:

> It follows a low-calorie diet.

> Intermittent pattern of fasting in which your body is introduced.

> The healthy foods included boosts your metabolism and cuts the fats by burning it.

> With strict follow the diet; you lose weight fast. It works in the emergency too.

> The diet charts you with the achievement of losing weight in the long term. For example, if the diet is followed for a month, you can surely lose weight up to 30 pounds.

> The main characteristic of the diet is that it is quite natural and healthy to follow. No special efforts are required. The program is also a motivated one, which keeps you with the track of reducing the fat content in your body. The military diet plan is, of course, a free program where no money is wasted on artificial diets.

A result-oriented diet plan gives you an accomplished and healthy weight loss in the natural manner. The period is concise, with just evident results in 3 days with a simple homely diet and restrictions.


The military diet is meant for only those people who wish to shed off some fat very rapidly for some reason or another. It is therefore clear that, since the diet does not even provide the minimum amounts of calories required by a human being, it is sure to lose fat. It fits the nutrition recommendations of WHO and the UK and therefore is safe to try too. The 3-day diet includes some of the healthiest foods that can be consumed, and those are readily available as well.

What makes this 3-day diet unique is that it is absolutely free of cost and the foods it prescribes are also very cheap. The Benefits of Foods like vegetables, caffeine, tuna and other meats are known to all of us and users need not buy and consume any other food except the ones as prescribed. In our view, losing that stubborn fat form the body is more necessary than enjoying great full meals and regretting afterwards. After all, it’s a matter of health.

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