Kaine to stay put

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine may have been crying tears of joy on Election Night, but his impassioned work on behalf of Barack Obama is not likely to move him away from Richmond before his term expires in January 2010.

Kaine spokesman Gordon Hickey reiterated today the Virginia Democrat is not seeking any job with the new administration or elsewhere in Washington.

The Washington Post put Kaine on the not-so-short list of Obama loyalists who could be tapped to replace outgoing Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean. But a Kaine aide dismissed that one.

“He’s not going to be the DNC chair,” Hickey said. “Right now the governor’s busy being the governor.”

Hickey said he didn’t know if Kaine was playing any role in the Obama transition.

Boyd Looking for Job in Obama Administration

After spending months campaigning for Barack Obama across the South, John Boyd Jr., president of the National Black Farmers Association, is now seeking to have a larger voice in U.S. agricultural policy, hopefully as secretary of agriculture.

“I’ve had some conversations with the campaign. I thought they were positive,” said Boyd, of Baskerville, Va., who does not have any formal role in the Obama transition team. Several more experienced politicians have been mentioned for the government’s top ag job.

Boyd has been a leading voice in a multi-million dollar class action suit against the U.S. government for discriminating against black farmers

“Farmers around the country want to see some change at the Department of Agriculture,” Boyd said, adding he would focus on farm lending and program delivery if given the chance to serve in the administration.

This year’s farm bill lifted the statute of limitations on the black farmers suit, allowing the group to add more plaintiffs to the case, which Boyd said could include claims from 40,000 farmers.

“It’s going to take an administration and an Agriculture Secretary and an Attorney General who can sit down and bring resolution to the farmers,” Boyd said.

–Neil H. Simon

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