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Author Alan Washington

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Win iphone X giveaway

Are you looking over to buy iPhone X? Why paying for that when you get it for free? Well, you might be thinking about how to get the new iPhone X for free without paying a single penny. So, the answer is the iPhone X Giveaway. Yes, you read it right! We are very excited to announce a new iPhone X Giveaway to our readers. Anyone of you can win a free iPhone X just by participating in the iPhone X Giveaway contest.  

As you know, iPhone X is one of the most expensive and advanced devices from Apple. And why they don’t be? The excitement for iPhone X was so high that the company directly jumped from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, skipping the iPhone 9. It was exclusively launched on Apple’s 10th Anniversary, making this phone special for Apple as well as for iPhone enthusiasts.  

iPhone X is the perfect device for one who wants to experience the iPhones at its best. And so, this is a golden opportunity for you to grab this device for free. As of now, we only have a limited number of iPhone X with us for this iphone X​ giveaway contest. So, we cannot guarantee how long the stocks will last.  

As we mentioned above, this is a limited iPhone X giveaway, which is scheduled to be held on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, participate and enter the contest now to remain ahead in the winning race for the iPhone X.  

Now, entering into our main section. To participate in this giveaway contest, you just have to fill your details right in the form below and follow our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter handles. In case, if you are facing any problem entering into this giveaway, we have laid a step-by-step guide for you. Just follow that guide and enter into this contest.  

iPhone X - Features and Specifications

As mentioned above, iPhone X is one of the revolutionary devices from Apple that was launched back in 2017. The all-new iPhone X is the first smartphone from the iPhone series to get an edge-to-edge display ditching out the traditional home button. It features a 5.8-inch Super Retina display that gives a fantastic viewing angle.  

With iPhone X, Apple introduced the FaceID technology that automatically unlocks the phone just by looking over it. It is much secure and more accessible than the traditional TouchID unlocking technology.  

As you might have already seen, the iPhone X comes with a dual-rear camera setup with each of 12MP sensor with different apertures to capture your magical moments. At the front, it is loaded with a 7MP selfie shooter that comes with the industry’s standard Portrait mode to capture professional selfies. 

Apart from this, iPhone X comes with a considerable storage system with an option to choose a 64GB storage or 256GB of storage. Luckily, we have the 256GB variant in our Giveaway contest so that you get the most out of your iPhone. Additionally, the phone comes with 3GB of RAM and is powered by A11 Bionic chip for faster and smoother performance.  

All-n-all, iPhone X is the perfect phone for any iPhone enthusiast who is looking for a smartphone with advanced technology, superb performance, and an excellent camera configuration. All these features make this device a perfect phone to buy. And we are giving it for free. Cool, Isn’t it? 

So, grab your iPhone X now by filling the form right above to enroll yourself in our list to stand a chance to win this device for free of cost.  

Note: While filling up the form, only enter your accurate details so that we can contact you once you win the reward given in the contest. In case, if you enter false information and on the same hand you also win the contest, we will not be able to contact you. And so, we will cancel your winning reward. Remember! Details once filled will not be changed later! So, fill your precise information. 

Get A Free iPhone X

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  • This is an International Giveaway.
  • Participants have to follow all the step given below to enter the giveaway.
  • Winner will receive an Email by us.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly from the application submitted and those Post #iPhoneX on facebook and Twitter pages.


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How to Participate in the Giveaway

If you are facing any difficulties while entering in this giveaway contest, follow this guide to join in this contest. 

  1. Tap on the “Claim Now” button to enter your details in the form.  
  1. Second, Follow and Subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter handles for which you can find the link above this post.  
  1. Share this giveaway contest post via your Facebook and Twitter handles.  
  1. On the successful completion of these steps, your entry will be registered successfully into our system. 
  1. We will verify all the entries, and one lucky person will be selected as the winner.  
  1. We will contact the winners via email and will guide them to claim their prize. 
  1. That lucky winner will also be announced on this site right below this post. 

Note: Please don’t try to do false entries as we have a robust system that automatically detects any fraudulent entry. If you found doing so, our system will block your current as well as all the future entries into our giveaway contest. 

Terms and Conditions

Joining our contest is super easy. But, before you enter into this giveaway, read and follow these terms and conditions.  

  1. This is an international giveaway. So, anyone can participate in this contest regardless of their origin. 
  1. Enter your correct details in the registration form. 
  1. Winners will be chosen randomly. 
  1. If you get selected as one of our winners, you have to respond to us within ten (10) days of the winner’s announcement. Else, you will lose your winning prize. 
  1. Tweet about this giveaway contest on your Twitter handles and tag us to get a bonus entry. 

If you follow and complete all these procedures carefully, you can easily win a free iPhone X smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enter into this contest now and follow all steps to win an iPhone X for free without paying a single penny.  

In case, if you don’t win this giveaway, then don’t be disappointed; there are many more giveaways in our site in which you can participate and enroll your name in winners list. So, check out the other giveaways running on our website and join in them now to win those goodies for free. 

Previous Winner - 2019

Congratulations “Andrew Robert”.

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