Top 10 Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

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It is pretty interesting how with the years counting up we are dealing with a seemingly small universe. Thanks to fast communication tools developed over the decades! Starting from talking over radio to communicating over video chats we almost touch reality and have a near-reality experience of lives and surroundings.

Since 1994, with certain topics gaining more public importance for open discussions, blogging has become a very important part of the modern lifestyle and definitely, with video involvement gaining a huge hike in importance we can never disagree that vloggingor video blogging is becoming such a highly demanded trend. It is gaining tremendous response and in the past two years the video consumption including facebook live, stories, etc. has increased to an unfathomable range.

With all kinds of conveniences at our hands, it is extremely sensible to choose vlogging over blogging because that gives us an all-round tour and a visual satisfaction of the subject under consideration. It saves the effort to write professionally about the subject and most importantly, one quality video can reduce SEO effort to a huge extent much unlike blogging. Of course, linking a blog to a vlog is an unbeatable advantage. Therefore, talking of visual satisfaction and quality of a video, choosing a very suitable camera for recording the videos is one of the most important issues related to vlogging.

Also with such a wide variety of products in the market choosing becomes a real nasty task. The ideality of choosing a suitable camera revolves around some basic features and related cost. Before you set your foot in the real or online market to pick your camera, it is a good idea to go through a set of essentials that you might need to review for the choosing.

Apart from watching the image and sound quality, flip cameras and camcorders are much more easy to use and those paired with DSLR definition is a standard above. It gives an edge to the video because of varying angles brought into consideration for projecting a scene or product. Hence going through the following points you will be guided well into your requisites in the discussed field.

Image Quality:

For a good vlogging experience on both sides, the image quality must be great. It is hence recommended to choose cameras with Full HD recording capabilities or at least should go up to 1080p. This pixel definition adds professionalism to the vlog. However, for a selected group of subjects for example, beauty and style, food, science experiments, photography and videography, fashion, etc. it is especially recommended to use a high demanding video quality.

In such cases you might want 4K or “ultra HD” cameras. These not only increase the viewers’ interests but also your satisfaction is touched. Guarantee of self-satisfaction is actually a pathway of giving out satisfaction to the people on the other side of the interface. Hence, a compact idea of the lenses is also necessary. Also, the lens mount design is an extremely important matter in terms of cameras and lenses.

There is obviously no highest standard for lens mount. It is absolutely oriented according to the company assembling the camera. Compatibility varies from the company to company depending on the assemblage. Mount designs like Olympus or Kodak four thirds system mounts for DSLRs have been licensed for usage by other makers. The most common mountable lenses in the market today are Canon EF, Canon EF-S and Canon EF-M for auto focus mounts; the Nikon F for both manual and autofocus mounts; Olympus or Kodak four thirds mounts as digital mounts; and also the Sony Alpha mount for digital-only mounts.


With imaging comes the hearing experience loud and clear alongside visuals. If your audience cannot hear the voice then a real time experience cannot be made. Also your viewers might not want to waste time in your creation which has no good audio support. So, it is preferable to choose a camera that gives a satisfying high performance type audio recording.

Flip Screen:

With the experience of the viewers taken care of, it is desirable that the chosen camera suits the comfort of the videographer while making a video. So, for your convenience in terms of assessing the video at the moment of making it, flip screen cameras provide for the best option. It is easy to use and an efficient technique for in-the-moment judgement and control which also reduces the time afterwards required for editing.

With a huge range of flip screen cameras available in the market the tilt provide helps in choosing the perfect on the go partner. Better the tilt better are the ease at managing awkward shooting angles. It also helps adding and edge to the angles utilized in shooting since you can comfortably arrange your own viewing angle in the flip screen. And to include details and understand them while shooting itself, a flip screen with a big surface is a boon to your vlogging experience.

This technique reduces blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure. Generally it aims to compensate for the angular movements, pan and tilt of the imaging device. This technology can also save the filming against rotational hitches.  Especially at low shutter speeds and a high focal length OIS becomes important to keep the stability and prevent a clearly or slightly visible frame to frame jitter.

Considering all kind of environments while making a video, it is desirable to make a nice stable video despite the movements involved. Therefore, with this supporting advantage the video gains a greater quality much to your satisfaction and your viewers. Also in case of extreme range zooming, this feature can also reduce the movements in the video owing to distance that creates more distortion for a very small movement.

We know we always do not have the perfect lighting arrangement for our videos. Especially for the indoor videos the lighting is not always perfect without the professional equipment for lighting. Even for outdoor videos, it might not be always sunny. Hence it is very important to have this quality in your camera to suit the lighting available.

Backed with these five very important qualities in a camera, you will be ready to shoot videos at any time and any place regardless of the adversities. Having underlined the necessary requirements we may have a look at the top 10 reasonably priced best flip screen cameras for vlogging.

10 Vlogging Cameras with flip Screen-

The best Vlogging Cameras with flip Screen are listed bellow they have been selected according to be images quality, audio quality, Flip Screen, optical image stabilization. Must checkout these 10 best vlogging cameras with flip screen for your great vlogging career.

1. Nikon D5500

The first capture for this camera is that it is a DSLR and this camera is worth everything for an all-round different feel. The 420g body of the camera is significantly light and aims for a very good and comfortable grip. The model has a much deeper grip in terms of the other Nikon flip screen cameras in the market. At a dimension of 124×97×70mm it is slightly smaller that improves the ease of carrying the camera in terms of outdoor shoots.

There are two manual control dials: one around the D-pad located on the back plate and the other on the top plate. Combined with a traditional PSAM mode, the dial provides a very good balance between control and accessibility. Another call for the model is that the display is a touchscreen one allowing better manual control while shooting.

The layout is friendly and the screen flips with a vari-angle hinge. It gives an amazing videographic experience with provision of Nikon F mount lens with AF contacts and has an image sensing tool supported by CMOS sensor of dimensions 23.5×15.6mm. it also has dust reduction system that performs image sensor cleaning. A very special feature of this camera is that it supports a wide range of languages in the menu which is one overwhelming feature unlike the other camras.

The screen has a 3.2 LCD display with a 1.04 dot resolution. The model is hence affordable, easy to carry and hold. The model also uses a pentamirror optical viewfinder. Paired with all these advantages the model uses 82 x magnifications and has Wi-Fi enabling on the go transfer of videos. This definitely can be ranked as the best suited camera for vlogging with so many advantages. This also comes with a solid noise eliminating technique that reduces the hastle of editing unwanted noise afterwards.

2. Canon Power shot G7 X Mark II

This is another exceptionally good and well versed camera with a 180° upwards and 45° downwards tilt of a 3.0 LCD touchscreen monitor which comes with an exceptionally good 83x Optical zoom and 24-100mm(35mm equivalent) lens. The large sensor, fast zoom lens, customizable manual controls are a sheer attraction and can gift happiness in shooting.The compact design is an amazing travel companion suited for adventure and travel vlogging.

The camera has dimensions of 137×140×103mm and video capture statistics of 1920×1080p. It has a digital view finder. Also the image stabilization is extremely good allowing outdoor shoots in rough terrain easy and comfortable. The model comes in a sleek compact contour with new DIGIC 7 image processor. The special features of this model are that it enhances the low light performance of the image and videos and is perfect for shooting indoors and during nighttime.

There are also these new shooting modes as ‘panning’, ‘short clip’ for shooting movies and ‘time-lapse movie’ that enhances the ease of shooting. Of course, the tool has inbuilt wi-fi.NFC and GPS with auto and manual exposure control. Videography can be done in full HD 1080p. The specifications, much to the delight of the vloggers, reason the price put up.

3. Nikon Coolpix P9000

his point and shoot camera model comes packed with amazing user statistics in a 899g package with a solid build of 139.5×103.2×137.4mm dimension statistics. A bridge camera with 83x optical zoom provides an equivalent of 24-2000mm wide angle in 35mm terms. There is also a dynamic fine zoom which is a type of digital zoom which boosts it up to 166x or 4000mm equivalent and 332x digital zoom. A Dual Detect optical VR system stabilizes the image blur at extreme zoom cases that gives a 5 stop advantage. . The viewfinder is electronic and gives full screen coverage.

censor. The flip screen is 3.0 LCD with 921k dot density. It also has an electronic viewfinder and comes handy with Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. This model is however lacking a good operational speed and might require multi pressing to enable a function.

Also performance in low light areas is just okay. For such a camera the price hike is also considerable. The battery life is also commendable: around 360 shots in a single battery life. This camera shoots in only 4:3 aspect ratio. This camera is especially famous for a wide range of shooting conditions and the mega zoom category paired with a suitable price tag even though it has a few functional anomalies.

4. Canon EOS M3

The 366g light weight camera is well desirable in terms of hiking features. 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor with canon EF-M lens and a 180° upwards and 45° downwards tilt 1.04M dot LCD resolution. The tilt screen is touchscreen like the other three models mentioned above. The dimensions are 111×68×44 mm in a 366g package which is enough to convey the portability and ease of handling. The one significant drawback of the model is that the battery life is quite poor and around 250 shots.

However the model has an external mic input which is an additional advantage. Video quality is 1080p which is desirable enough. And another drawback is that the set is mirrorless. It has a DIGIC 6 processor that can deliver stills of premium quality and captures the world around with an exceptional detailing. It is WI-Fi enabled with NFC. Also the price is a bit high with respect to the available features. And another drawback is that this model has no inbuilt GPS sensor.

5. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX90V

Basic features are 18.2MP BSI CMOS sensor with 3.0 LCD flip screen selfie camera with 180° upward rotation for easy framing of selfies and low position shots. The view finder OLED Tru-Finder is extremely bright than conventional viewfinders. It also provides real time previews and exclusive shooting information so that what is seen in the tilt screen is exactly wha is captured in the shot. It is world’s smallest super zoom camera with a 30x optical zoom equivalent to 24-720mm with optical image stabilization.

There is a customizable ring around the front of the lens. The model can record videos at 1080/60p using the XAVS S codec allowing bit rates to around 50MBps. The camera supports Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. The camera is even handier in terms of light weight 245g and dimensions 102×58×36mm. it has optical image stabilization.

The BIONZ image processor eliminates noise and makes it possible to reproduce images that are vibrant, real and natural. Precision is maintained to a huge extent because of the remarkable image processor unit. However it lacks the manual input in terms of touchscreen abilities. Videography resolution is 1080p which is quite satisfactory.

6. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-WX500

This is more like a sibling to HX 90V with the same30x zoom and an 18.2MP sensor. Number of effective pixels is around 21.1MP. They have put together a ZEISS Vario-Sonar T* Lens with maximum possible aperture. The flip screen has an adjustable angle up to 180 degrees. They use BIONZ image processing unit and film intelligent active movies. High sensitivity is assured for minimum illumination. Battery life is again a drawback with only approximately 200 shots which is quite low.

However it lacks on a few features which make it more lacks on the EVF, front grip, lens control wheel, and dual-axis electronic level. The offering is however same enabling high speed continuous shooting, and great manual controls. Other than the affordable price that sacrifices a few good qualities, it is always better to go for the model HX 90V. The product comes with a dimension of102×58×35.5mm in a 236g package. Thus, it is easy to use, portable enough but not extremely satisfactory.

7. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX100 III

Key features of this model are 20.1 MP BSI-CMOS sensorwith 3.0 inches tilting1.23M LCD of the flip screen. The video allows 1080/60p support with full sensor readout. There is also a customizable ring in the front lens. An important note here, this again comes packed in a Vario-Sonar T* lens. The control ring allows mix image quality and portability instead of being too ‘point and shoot’ for video enthusiasts. In here, the focus, aperture, shutter speedand other functions can all be customized.

A good shot is that the charge capacity is satisfactory enough with 320 shots. This model is considerably fast providing for easy handling during shoots. It has a built in EVF and supports Wi-Fi. Light weight and easily carried, this model weighs around 290g and has dimensions of 102×58×41mm and is hence a good tool for outdoor vlogging.

But there is no optical stabilization or any commendable zooming capacity. However this is price effective and for easy going videographers is almost okay.

8. Sony Alpha A5000

When it is sony alpha, affordability is in question for obvious. However this model is good in terms of portability and shape as in its compactness. Backed with wi-fi, this might be a very potential option you might like to take a look at. Comes with Bionz-X processor unit the product uses detail reproduction software, area-specific noise reduction and diffraction reduction technology and has a high image processing technology. 

The flip screen is the same 3.0 460k dot LCD with 180° tilt upwards. This also has image tracking and face detection technology that hugely supports motion videography especially in outdoor locations. This also has the time-lapse application to pair the advantages. To all the vloggers who come in for a bit more investment for a longer time, the system comes in a great range of lenses.

It has a 20.1MP APS-C sensor equipped with contrast AF which somewhat constraints the speed but accurate focus is not sacrificed. The average battery life is very satisfactory here almost 420 shots per charge time. There are also 25 autofocus points which is a good point for messy and overpopulated assemblages in the subject of photography but optical zooming is only 3x. Sony E and Sony FE lens mounts are compatible and good enough.

We obtain a continuous shooting speed of 3.5fps. One drawback with respect to the other cameras in the list is that the GPS feature is absent here. Another drawback is that only two image aspect ratios are supported viz. 3;2 and 16;9 and there is no optical image stabilization.

9. Canon VIXIA HF G40 Camcorder

This is a great choice in terms of videography. It records 1920×1080p full HD video at a 60fps MP4 format. The model comes equipped with a genuine Canon 20x HD video lens and a manual focus ring at the front of the camera which can set the zoom according to needs.


Camera supports a wide DR Gamma and a highlight priority mode for improved image clarity. For complete manual hold on the camera there are assignable buttons to customize a good shooting experience for passionate vloggers and videographers. They allow you to take control of the shoot in all possible ways.

Dual card slots are provided to support relay recording. It has built in dual band wi-fi. Supports slow motion and fast motion recording allowing a different shoot rate than the one used for playback. Recording speed varies from 0.4x to 1200x speed. Includes power zoom and high definition peaking.

However, extreme zoom does not have image quality stabilization. It has a high capacity lithium battery which supports the intelligent technology for quite a long time. A severe backdraw is however the 0.24 inches colour LCD that can be flipped through only 45° and a 1.56 M dot resolution.

10. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

This is a genuine hybrid camera without mirror with bursting shooting capabilities. It successfully blends 4K UHD video with an advanced still capture. The pixel quality however drops to 16 MP Live MOS 17.3×13.0mm sensor. Processor is Venus Engine 9 Image processor. The flip screen configuration is however satisfactory with 3.0 1.04M dot resolution with a free angle touch screen manual control provision.

4k video recording occurs at 30/24 fps and has built-in wi-fi connectivity. Lens mount is micro four-thirds with 2x crop factor as the camera format. An additional feature is dust reduction system. We see here a 2.36 m Dot OLED Viewfinder which is very appreciable for movie making. This model is known for a very satisfactory audio support. The model supports a video format of 1920×1080p at maximum. Both auto and manual focus is possible.

The 1200 mAh battery is a sufficient on field battery life. Major defects of this are that it does not have good zooming equipment, the view angle is pretty low as much as 75-29°, and in usage the lens quality is not up to the requisite mark. These major defects back out the model to a huge extent.A very good feature in all these cameras is the induction of Wi-Fi and GPS; anytime and anywhere sharing of photos into various devices or media is enabled.

GPS locates and pin points at the pictures and their respective locations if uploaded later. All these advantages make these cameras top the list for choice of cameras. Most of the cameras listed in here have full HD 1080p video capabilities that are quite desirable. Flip screens with tilt abilities are again an added advantage a s already discussed.

The range of battery life of almost all the listed cameras, are good enough for the go.The lenses and lens mounts are also compatible and enhance the image quality. However, on a personal note the first two suggestions in the list are the most balanced and appropriate cameras to be focused on in terms of budget and features.With all the top cameras with flip screen listed above it is all up to you to decide what your requirements are for a particular shoot or vlog.

With introduction of more and more sensors and qualities to be involved, the basic expectations of our viewers also go up. So to meet the expectations it is always suggested to look for the best vlogging cameras.  However, we all know budget plays quite a tangible role in the scenario. But, for a passionate vlogger or videographer, a compromise on the quality is a big compromise on the future of the vlog. It is hence always suggested to go with the trend and produce the best with the best suited product in the market.

All the cameras mentioned above are all available online on amazon and you can go through them which are always cost effective and time saving.