Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

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Sleeping is definitely one of the most vital thing we can offer our body after the day’s hard work. During sleep our body remains in an anabolic condition that helps restoring the muscular, nervous, skeletal as well as the immune system. And a good sleep enhances our memory, mood and also the cognitive functions. For all these reasons an adequate and quality sleep is extremely essential for maintenance of our overall health.

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

As we know maintaining a proper posture is very crucial to ensure a sound sleep. And the pillow plays a decisive role to facilitate a good posture while sleeping especially for the stomach sleepers. Therefore it is quite important to find a perfect pillow that can assist proper sleeping posture while lying on the stomach. Moreover the health issues that are often associated with stomach sleeping such as back pain, muscle cramp, pinched nerves etc. can be done away with by using a proper stomach sleepers’ pillow. But the problem is that getting a perfect pillow for stomach sleeper is not so easy.

Proper Stomach sleepers guide

This is because most of the pillows are made to suit and comfort the standard sleeping posture which is contrary to the posture of the stomach sleepers. So in this article we will try to find out some of the pillows that are considered to be much helpful for the stomach sleepers. The under mentioned stomach sleeper’s pillows have got the highest amount of positive ratings in different online media.

1. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover from Coop Home Goods

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is perhaps the most popular and appreciated stomach sleepers’ pillow not only in the USA but also outside it. It is luxurious both in terms of inner material as well as the outer cover. This unique pillow made in the USA offers a number of useful features intended for the stomach sleepers.

The inner core is made of memory foam. But the difference is that instead of solid foam slabs it is stuffed with shredded foam. The advantage of this shredded foam is that it allows the pillow to be molded and twisted which lets you assume a desired posture in accordance with your comfort. Despite being twisted it still offers you an adequate springy support to your body. The shredded foam also offers you the perfect height level essential for a healthy sleep. Another benefit of this pillow is that it is made using hypoallergenic breathable bamboo fabric which is also eco-friendly at the same time

The outer cover is made with the blend of high thread bamboo and refined polyester. Moreover both the cover and the interior are endowed with microbial and anti-bacterial attributes. They are also dust and mite resistant. The memory foam also facilitates enhanced air flow through the superior foam core and thus helps to fight bacterial attacks.

All these ensure you of a healthier and comfortable sleep every time you go to bed. The pillow comes in both king and queen patterns to meet different size requirements. To add to its advantages Coop home Goods offers a 30 day money back guarantee with this highly useful pillow.

It is true that this kind of foam (the shredded memory foam) can feel a bit lumpy to some users but they are indeed very advantageous for the stomach sleepers. It lets you both thin out and fluff up the pillow creating the most pleasing sleeping position for you. It also offers a perfect support to your back and neck at sleep. Moreover it synchronizes very well with your body as you shift positions in your sleep.

2) The Pancake Pillow from Pancake Pillow

This is one of the best and most versatile pillows to be used by the stomach sleepers. This is for those who prefer a perfect fit pillow for their sleep. It is equally useful for the pregnant ladies. You can also customize it (yes, you are reading it right) to suit the requirement of the different family members or even guests. In place of a single core pad Pancake furnishes six soft microfiber sections to offer a luxurious sleeping experience.

These are made of hypo-allergenic microfiber which breathes and helps it retain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. What is more is that you can remove one or more sections at any time. The smooth zip on the outer casing gives you a swift access to the interior portion while working with the different layers. This means you get as many as six different height levels and can choose any of them which best suits your comfort. Different stomach sleepers prefer different depth and moreover they have different body sizes too. Fortunately the Pancake Pillow can cover them all. This is no doubt a very unique and attractive characteristic of this nice pillow. The cover of the Pancake Pillow is made with 300 count cotton which is enough proof of its superior quality. And it makes you feel like sleeping on a pillow in a luxurious 5 star hotel. It is also easily washable in washing machines. 

This is no doubt a very unique and attractive characteristic of this nice pillow. The cover of the Pancake Pillow is made with 300 count cotton which is enough proof of its superior quality. And it makes you feel like sleeping on a pillow in a luxurious 5 star hotel. It is also easily washable in washing machines. 

Finally you can always return the product and take back a complete refund in case you are not satisfied with the product quality. However no Pancake Pillow user has to do so till date. Last but not least you get a nice bag for retaining the unused interior sections.

But one downside of this pillow is that it doesn’t use memory foam in the layers. However the microfiber is extremely good at offering a solid support. Note that Pancake Pillow is available only in queen size. You cannot expect all good things in a single unit simply because it is not viable.

3) Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow from DC Labs

This stomach sleepers’ pillow is especially meant for those who prefers an extra thin profile. In fact a stomach sleeper’s pillow must be thin enough so as to properly align the spine with the position of the neck. And this is exactly what Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow does.

Conversely if you use a thicker pillow you will surely miss the said alignment resulting in a number of possible problems such as back and neck pain, headache or even muscle spasms. But using this pillow you can always keep those possibilities away. Despite being extremely slim the pillow still offers adequate support to your shoulder neck and back making it a perfect choice for the stomach sleepers.

You can enjoy a comfortable sleep by placing your arm under this slim pillow while lying on your stomach. It does not raise your head too high rather keeps it in a right height. At the same time it also offers a perfect alignment to your spine.Again the fully flat bottom helps the pillow stay in its position without much moving. 

Most of the pillows even some of those intended for stomach sleepers are pushed against your face while at sleep making it difficult to breath. But this is not the case with this one. Its wisely designed shape lets you sleep very comfortably even on your stomach.

The firm core of the pillow helps it keep up an unyielding state no matter how often you switch your posture during sleep. The Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is only 2.5 inch thin which is really very convenient for the stomach sleepers. Moreover it is very thoughtfully designed so as to say.

It resembles a half moon in shape combined with a rounded up top and the bottom portion is totally flat. This shows minute attention on design and helps a truly pleasing sleeping experience. Needless to say its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial foam core is fully resistant to bed bugs.

4) Extra Soft Down Pillow from Exceptional Sheets

If you are a stomach sleeper and still passionate about down pillows Extra Soft Down Pillow can indeed be a very good option for you. Manufactured in the USA the pillow bears the mark of a quality product. Being made of pure down of the white goose the pillow gives you a deluxe experience at bed. It is true that some people are prone to allergies when it comes to animal based products. But you need not worry about the allergic reaction at least in this case.

The pillow is made using a hypoallergenic solution named Rest Assure Down which guarantees you zero allergy and a healthy environment. Its thoughtful design gives you the accurate depth and at the same time ensures your sleeping comfort. Moreover it keeps your neck head and spine in a perfect align to guarantee you the best sleeping experience and keep you away from possible health hazards associated with faulty sleeping postures.

Apparently you may find it a bit thicker and higher for the stomach sleepers but things are not always what they seem to be. Let me assure you that the down is extremely soft and fine and hence highly pliable. And this allows you to place your head in a perfect sync with the spine to offer you a soothing posture while lying on stomach.

Another thing is that when you have your face directly in contact with the pillow for a long period (this is what happens when you lie on your stomach) you need to ensure that the quality of the air is pure enough. Thankfully Extra Soft Down Pillow offer you a fresh clean and healthy every time you place your head on it. For all these reasons the pillow is largely used in luxurious spas and resorts.

The pillow is easily washable and dryable in machines for your convenience. Finally it comes in both sizes – king and queen. It must be mentioned here that the fine down might seem too soft for many people especially for those who like to have a better support. Yes, it is not meant for them and they must go for the memory foam instead.

5) Slim Sleeper Memory Foam from DC Labs

This is another and one of the best pillows for the stomach sleepers. It is impressively thin and uniformly flat even across the edges so that your face can comfortably rest while you sleep lying on the stomach. The interior of the pillow is stuffed with memory foam which is quite firm and resilient in nature.

And they move about in a harmonized way as you change bodily position during sleep so that you don’t have to reposition it again and again to get comfortable. And as it molds to your posture you always get the required support no matter how much you turn or toss. The beauty of this pillow is that it neither gets lumpy nor flattens out. And as a result it offers a smooth and comfy sleep all through the night. However those who are very fond of making a mess of their pillow and reshaping it through different twist and turn would not be very happy with this pillow as the single foam slab will not let them do so.

Being made with hypoallergenic memory foam it can resist all kinds of bacteria that easily catch other fabrics. Moreover it is made to last for years. Slim Sleeper Memory Foam pillow is easy to care. The cotton casing is machine- washable and drier safe as well. The interior is not meant to be washed.

The only disadvantage of solid memory foam is that it get worm through the absorption of body heat when you sleep at night. However the outer covering plays it part to fight that heat to the best of its capabilities and offer you a cool and soothing surface. For all these great features it has received remarkable ratings from different online channels. In fact no other stomach sleepers’ pillow has been so much appreciated by the mass as in case of the Extra Soft Down Pillow.

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