Best Cooling Mattress (Bed) Pads

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We often wake up at the middle of our sleep being full of sweat and this is quite annoying and upsetting. It not only disrupts the sleep for the time being but often spoils the entire night many a time. And without a proper sleep at night the next day gets spoiled too. This is because a proper and sound sleep at night supplies the energy which is required to start up the next day’s activities. Therefore before going to bed we must ensure that it is conducive a peaceful and healthy sleep.

And that is best possible when your bed is having a quality cooling mattress pad. These cooling mattress pads are basically especially designed pads meant for placing on the top of a bed mattress and their purpose is to maintain a pleasant temperature so that you can enjoy a sweat-less and peaceful sleep at night. But to find that you must first of all know what makes a cooling mattress bed pad worth buying. Without knowing these basics you will not be able to arrive at the right buying decision.

Material: The prime consideration while buying a cooling topper is its material. Gel based memory foam is surely one of the best options in this regard. The cooling gel mattress pad plays an active role in reducing the extra temperature and thus prevents overheating. Another suitable option is open cell foam because it facilitates improved airflow. Down feather toppers are also an efficient cooling agent and offer a soft and cool sleeping surface. Latex toppers are also better than other kinds of foams. But they are a bit expensive compared to the other materials. Besides all these materials there are a few other materials too which are although not as efficient as these.
Density: This is another crucial factor in selecting a best topper. Density affects both the cooling experience as well as comfort. Denser material like memory foam provides effective support but not efficient as a cooling agent as it tends to retain heat within. Although well ventilated memory foam can offset that problem to a considerable extent still comparatively low density cooling pads could be better choices for enhanced cooling experience.
Cover:  The outer cover greatly affects the overall sleeping experience. Therefore always choose an extremely soft and high quality cover preferably one that is made from pure 100% cotton. A poor quality cover can decrease the airflow and thus result in raising the temperature. Thus it may ruin the quality and comfort of an otherwise excellent product.
Cooling Types: There are broadly two types of cooling namely active and passive. And active cooling comprises products that are equipped with additional accessories such as fan or other cooling units attached to the pad. These are no highly efficient cooling pads but they require constant flow of electricity to work. So they are expensive both in terms of price as well as the recurring operational cost. By contrast passive cooling systems are quite inexpensive and do not incur any operational cost either. They make use of gel infused materials and enough ventilation to create a pleasant cooling effect.

It is worth mentioning in this connection that as the pads that feature active cooling systems are prohibitingly expensive both initially and afterwards we have excluded them from our list and kept only those that use the passive cooling method.

Limitations of a Cooling Pad

Finally you must keep one thing in mind that a cooling pad has its limitations. It can perform to a certain extent when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your bed. In other words it won’t be able to cool down beyond a certain level especially when the room itself is worm because of the higher external temperature. Hence you cannot and should not expect a cooling pad to perform like an air conditioner which itself can reduce the room temperature to any desired level.

Now that you know the basic criteria of choosing a worthy cooling topper we will now provide you with some of the best cooling mattresses pads of 2017. All of these products are highly popular in the market at present and having adequate positive ratings from users and reviewers alike.

1) Isolus 2.5 inch Ventilated Gel

This cooling pad is made from quality memory foam which helps in better airflow and retains a soothing temperature all through the night. It is wrapped by a nice and extra soft bamboo cover. 

The product comes with Certipur certification which ensures that it is manufactured using safe materials.Most of the users are quite satisfied with its overall quality and cooling efficiency. However some find that it is a bit thinner than what is required and thus fails to provide greater support.

2) SPA Luxury Cool Touch

This mattress pad is made with a nice blend of bamboo and fabric. It offers a pleasantly cool sleeping surface to its users. The cooling efficiency of the pad is improved by the quilted fabric that takes in the heat and provides a peaceful sleep the whole night.

Besides the cooling surface it also provides its user with soft and cozy bedding which is also required for a better sleeping experience. Since it is not made up with a dense material like memory foam some people complain about its lesser supporting efficiency. But as a whole it is quite a comfortable product so as to say.

3)Iso Cool with Outlast Cover

This is truly a premium product made with high quality memory foam. Its three inches well ventilated memory foam is great both as a cooling agent and also as a provider of aneffective support system. 

It also comes with a 100% cotton outer cover that features “Outlast Adaptive Comfort Material” which guarantees a perfect sleep throughout the night. But it is a bit expensive when compared to many other cooling pads. But despite its high price it still earned enough positive ratings from numerous users.

4) Zinus Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is certainly one of the best cooling toppers available in the market. This mattress topper combines two layers each having 2 inches of thickness. One is composed of memory foam infused with cooling gel. The gel pulls out the body heat and keeps the surface cool.

And another layer which is made of high density foam helps to provide the extra support.This means you get a total 4 inches of topper offering both support and cooling comfort at the same time. The product is certified by CertiPur US which means there cannot be any doubt with regards to its quality. And it also comes with a 5 year warranty in addition.

5) Extra Plush Bamboo Topper

Extra Plush Bamboo Topper from the house of Exceptional Sheets could be an ideal option for those looking for a budget cooling topper. In fact its price is almost half vis-à-vis the price of many other cooling pads presently available. 

 Despite its low price it is quite an efficient cooling topper as per the review of a large number of users. It is made using all natural hypoallergenic bamboo fabric which absorbs your body heat effectively when you sleep. Moreover it comes in a variety of sizes to suit different bed sizes.

6) 4inch Topper from Sleep Innovation

The tagline of the product “Like Sleeping on a Cloud” seems very appropriate when we look at the mattress topper which is consciously designed to resemble a bright sky with floating clouds. 

However it is not only because of the beautiful appearance that it is appreciated. It has utilitarian efficiencies too. Its generous 4inch cooling gel memory foam is effective enough to keep the unit cool and offer a sweat free sleep each night. Finally it comes with a wash friendly removable cover for a clean and hygienic sleep for a regular basis.

7) Lucid 3inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is another notable option for the budget users. This nice mattress topper manufactured by Lucid is also made up ofcooling gel infused memory foam and it is 3inches in thickness. 

The ventilated design is beneficial to improved air flow resulting in the desired cooling comfort.The memory foam on the other hand offers a strong body support ensuring the overall comfort to your body. And according to the reviews of different users the product is extremely durable as compared to many similar memory foam toppers.

8) CNZ Commercial Air Pump

This model of air pump has gained a lightweight and is designed in a compact form. The pumps are one with high strength and have got a durable nature.

They are considered to be perfect ones to run multiple water farms or air stones at a time. It is being used in the aquariums, hydroponic systems, fish farms, etc. It is one of the best air pumps for dwc which is ideally put in use. Even when it comes to evaluating the product based on cost, you will find it impressive.

9) Night Guard Cooling Mattress Pad

Available at a surprisingly lower price tag this product is no less efficient than many expensive cooling mattress pads thronging in the market. But do not go by its low price because it still offers a soothing coolness which you expect from a premium topper. 

Made from microplush fleece and poly filling the hypoallergenic pad gifts you a healthy and pleasant sleep each night. Some criticize it to be considerably thinner but the fact remains despite its thinness the pad is still quite effective in terms of support and comfort. 

Finally this ultra breathable and easy to wash cooling mattress pad is undoubtedly an ideal option for users with restrained budget.

10) Thick AirCool IQ from Nature’s Sleep

This is another budget friendly cooling topper manufactured by the well known Nature’s Sleep. The pad is actually quite thin and lightweight. But it uses a unique patented gel named AirCool IQ which stimulates the cooling comfort and firm support of a thick and dense topper.

Moreover being CertiPur US certified you can be assured that the product is made using high quality materials. Another point to note is that it can suppress creaking and similar sounds which are common irritant during the sleep. The microfiber cover can be removed and washed with ease offering you a hygienic atmosphere at home.

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