Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Does It Really Work?

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Baby Sleep Miracle Review


Just after the baby is born, you will see that most parents end up with deep dark circles underneath the eyes. The parents lose out on their sleep, and they tend to become irritable. This can be quite unfortunate and can also lead to unnecessary spousal disagreements.

When your baby sleeps and wakes up frequently, this is not only creating problems for the parent’s sleep cycle but also the infant. Luckily, music bone in your life is going to solve this problem and let the whole family get a good night’s sleep to wake up happy and fresh. 

What Is Baby Sleep Miracle?

The reason behind the problem that new parents feel is because unlike adults who know how to have a proper good night’s sleep, a baby’s body cannot comprehend how to tackle that task.

Even the slightest discomfort can wake them up. This is the reason Mary-Ann Schuler, a renowned child psychologist and a mother of two children, has come up with Baby Sleep Miracle e-book.

It contains a fantastic program that will give you the tips as well as easy to follow step by step guide to help you to sleep train you’re new-born. 

Who Is Mary-Ann Schuler? Her Story

The author of the book, Mary-Ann Schuler, is a psychologist with 20 years of experience. She has a specialization in pediatric psychology while being a mother of two.

Her insights not only come from being a pediatric psychologist but also a mother. Her experience has taught her that most mother-child caring books come with much jargon that for the confuses new parents, that is why she has come up with Baby Sleep Miracle.

The same explains how to make sure that your baby had a healthy sleep routine in the most straightforward way possible. It is truly an excellent book that you can purchase and download from anywhere.

Mary-Ann Schuler wants all mothers to understand you need as much rest as your child. When your baby gets the rest that they need, it will automatically reflect in your mood.

Schuler has carefully designed the program and has applied it in her life to raising her two children.

She has studied several research papers and works done by eminent institutions like the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine as well as Harvard medical school to come up with the best baby sleep program that any parent can master.

How Does Baby Sleep Miracle Work?

The amazing Baby Sleep Miracle book will transform new mothers into confident experts. They can deal with their baby’s sleep cycle with ease.

Many parents have a hard time figuring out how to make sure that their baby has an adequate amount of sleep hours. Many can feel incompetent when their baby wakes up throughout the night.

It can also have adverse effects on the mother’s health. Do not feel guilty if you are facing this problem. It is an issue that many people face, and it does not make them bad parents.

When you first hear the name, many people get misled everything that it will be some sort of a video instruction package. This is not the case as it is just an ebook or an electronic book. You can take a print out of this book or keep it in your ebook reader.

You would have to go through the different chapters which have a detailed account of how to deal with the different aspects of maintaining a healthy sleep cycle for your baby.

The book is like an instruction manual and is written in a comprehensive manner that will be suitable for everyone. Read more about how Baby Sleep Miracle program works

Who Is This Baby Sleep Miracle Program Meant For?

Of course, this book is made carefully for new parents and their babies. It will help the whole family sleep more peacefully at night because the reason most parents suffer from a black bad Sleep cycle just after the baby is born is due to them being woken up by their wailing infant.

No more do you have to drag yourself forcefully out of bed to get yourself ready to calm your infant down when they are wailing in the middle of the night. Parents can think of themselves as feeling to keep their child happy, but this is a common thing that happens in almost all households.

This product will help you if you are ready to put in the effort to go through the book entirely. You cannot give steps to finding a shortcut method to complete the program that the author has designed.

This book is not just for mothers; a father should also go through this book to help them overcome the fear of being unable to provide their child with a peaceful night of sleep.

What's Inside This Program?

Inside the program, you will find that there will be not only the main ebook but also two other bonus ebooks as well as one miracle soothing music. The books have some weight as it is quite a detailed program.

This 110-page program is for $40, which we seem like a lot to most people, but once you go through, you will realize that all worth it. Overall the book will contain the importance of sleep for babies and the techniques to train your baby’s sleep schedule.

The book is divided into four main chapters and 16 sub-topics to cover the various dimensions of a baby’s sleep cycle and how to make it consistent. 

Chapter 1: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

If you are a new mum, you must have noticed that the negative impact that sleeps deprivation has on your child as well as your body.

It is a dangerous thing as it can lead to frustration, anger, weight loss, depression, problems as well as divorce in adverse situations.

The relationship between the child as well as her partner deteriorates. This chapter will equip you to address this issue so that they can get their life back on track. 

Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep

This chapter deals with the science behind sleeping. Many people take a good night’s sleep for granted. This chapter is the base of the entire book as it helps in understanding how the steps.

Also, the tips for a better sleep schedule have been created. Schuler uses straightforward language to explain the intricate scientific processes behind a proper sleep schedule, which is hugely beneficial to keep the body as well as the mind healthy. 

Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants

This chapter primarily deals with how to create a suitable environment in which the infant can sleep peacefully. It will help you demystify the various ways people think is the best way to put a child to sleep.

Mary-Ann clarifies the various myths behind various unnecessary bits of advice and unscientific techniques to help you out. From proper sleep and feeding schedules to soothing techniques, everything is dealt with in a very scientific as well as detailed manner. 

Chapter 4: Good Sleep at Every Age

An age-wise detailed description of the various techniques to make your baby fall asleep has been provided. This chapter is divided into subsection dealing with children’s sleep patterns from 1 month to 5 years old.

You can jump straight to the chapter the corresponds to your child’s age. This chapter is essential for a sleep training exercise and will help parents immensely. The results are amazing as your child will go from a fussy screamer to a peaceful angelic baby in no time. 

Baby Sleep Miracle Pros & Cons


  • The book contains a detailed description of the various tips and tricks that will help you out without any issues. 
  • It is written in a straight forward manner that practical information without any psychology jargon that will confuse you. 
  • The book is divided into subsections and deals with each problem systematically. It contains answers to all the questions that any young parent will have regarding their baby’s sleep cycle. 
  • It has a detailed account of how to make babies fall asleep up in an age-wise manner, which can be easily found in the book as it is given in the contents as well. 
  • It also comes with a video testimonial of different mothers who have used the product do I cannot give the guarantee that these are honest reviews. 
  • Unlike many other products that guarantee you that your child will fall asleep and not wake up from day one, this program gives an honest answer to the fact that it is a trial and error process that will work once you have mastered all the steps correctly. It assures that it will take some time to get the proper hang of it. 
  • It is written by a mother who happens to be a child psychologist who has taken the help of various researches done by reputable institutions to create the scientific program.


  • The name of the program is immensely miss reading, as many people cannot understand by reading it for the first time that it is just an ebook. If there were video instructions, then it would be beneficial to many mothers. 
  • You would have to go through the book in its entirety to get the proper understanding behind maintaining a good sleep cycle and how to go about it, which takes quite a bit of time. 
  • Mothers all around the world cannot read this book as it only comes in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, German, and Spanish. Although they use an online translator. 

How Baby Sleep Miracle Worked For Me? My Personal Experience with This Program

I am also a new mother and have purchased this book when my one-year-old was just born. Like any other mother, I would suffer from sleeplessness as my child used to you frequently wake up from their sleep.

I used to be tired, and the sleep deprivation used to take its toll on my daily activities.

I was terrified about my child’s well being. There are many products available in the market, and some of them can get quite costly. It is then I came across this program, and I had to read it from cover to cover.

The instructions of the book have truly help me, but it was not an overnight process. My child now sleeps peacefully, and that gives me a good night’s rest as well.

No mother wants to feel incapable of taking care of the child, and this book has given me the confidence to say that my well-rested child is in a happy mood when they wake up. This is much-improved eating habits as well.

Do I Stand Behind This Product or Not?

Yes, I advise all my readers to consider purchasing this book if they are looking for or a scientific way to make a baby sleep cycle better.

It will help the whole family. Having a new-born baby can be magical, but it has it takes a toll on the physical as well as mental health of the family if they feel incapable of caring for the child.

No more such awful thoughts should keep you awake at night as this program is quite effective as well as well-written to help any new parent out. 

Free Bonuses

As mentioned above, the main program, which is an ebook, comes with 3 bonuses, of which the first two are ebooks, and the other is a soothing Miracle Sound. 

#Bonus 1: Night Terror Stopper

Extra information regarding the ways to deal with an infant who frequently wakes up during the night has been given here. It is a great companion to the main book. 

#Bonus 2: Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle

Another fantastic book that comes with more ways to deal with the challenges of an infant who is just starting a sleep training process. Well written and compact, it is also a brilliant companion to the main book. 

# Bonus 3: Miracle Sounds

It is a soothing track that will help you create the perfect environment for your baby to sleep in; it can drown out the other noises that can wake your baby. 


If you are looking for a scientific way to put your baby to sleep and receiving unnecessary advice from other people, which you know won’t work, then this is a perfect solution for you. Of course, if you do not like the product, you can quickly get a refund for it within 60 days.

Baby Sleep Miracle is not a product that will scam you of your money while promising amazing results from day one. It is a program that will help parents slowly but surely.

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